Kurt Mueller (’21) attended Harlaxton College
YHC Scholarships

Beverly Barrow Woodward, ’53, Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Len and Beverly Woodward of Rome, Georgia. It awards $5,000 to one student annually to study abroad in England. The grantee will be referred to as the "Woodward Scholar."

For more information and application deadlines, contact Dr. Jennifer Schroeder.

Italy 2012

McCollough Scholarship

The McCollough Scholarship helps support YHC students who study abroad at the Wesley House of Cambridge University in Cambridge, England during a summer term. This competitive scholarship is intended for YHC students who want to learn about the origins of Methodist ministry. The McCollough Scholar will spend approximately six weeks at Wesley House, the Methodist college in Cambridge, as a member of a reflective, cross-cultural Christian community of scholarship and prayer in the Wesleyan tradition. This program allows the McCollough Scholar to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Methodist origins and heritage and what Wesleyan theology and spirituality offer today's world. The scholarship recipient must be able to work independently and be self-motivated; take initiative in shaping aspects of his/her program to his/her personal interests; and have a genuine interest in the Methodist heritage, Wesleyan theology and spirituality, and their contemporary role and application. The scholarship recipient must also be open to meet and engage with a small community of international students from across the global Methodist church; be willing to commit to the patterns of prayer and community life at Wesley House; and be ready to participate in the academic, community and social activities of the college. To benefit fully from this opportunity, the scholarship winner must be able to be in Cambridge from at least May 15 to the end of June. Upon successful completion of this program, the student earns six hours of course credits (RELI 3210 and RELI 4998).

For more information and application deadlines, contact Dr. Jennifer Schroeder.

External Scholarships

There are many scholarships available through outside organizations that students can apply for independently. These scholarships are awarded for one semester or year-long study and are highly competitive. Students should start researching and apply for these scholarships early.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

Established under the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000, Gilman Scholarships provide up to $5,000 for American students to pursue overseas study for college credit. 

Learn more about these scholarships through Benjamin A. Gilman's website.

Boren Scholarships

Funded by the National Security Education Program, these scholarships provide up to $10,000 for a semester or $20,000 for the year to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and the Middle East. Western European countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are excluded. Preference will be given to applications for a full academic year of study abroad.

Learn more about these scholarships through Boren Award's website.


The Freeman Foundation offers scholarships for students looking to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. The scholarship awards up to $5,000 for a semester or summer term abroad, or $7,000 for an entire academic year. Scholarship recipients are required to undertake a service project upon their return to the United States.

Learn more by visiting Freeman-Asia's website.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)

The FEA is committed to increasing the opportunities for dedicated American students to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs by reducing financial restrictions through the provision of grants and scholarships.

Learn more through FEA's website.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

As the nation’s leading Hispanic higher education fund, HSF works to address the barriers that keep many Latinos from earning a college degree. In addition to scholarship opportunities for deserving Latino students, HSF offers a broad range of outreach and educational programming to help students and their families navigate through the rigors of college life.

Visit HSF's website for more information.

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants

The Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society offers 45 $1,000 grants each year to help support undergraduate students who want to study abroad. Students must show proof of acceptance into a study abroad program; have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above; have between 30 and 90 semester hours; and have at least one year of study left at their institution after studying abroad.

Learn more by visiting Phi Kappa Phi's website.

Rotary Scholarships

Many local chapters of the Rotary Club have funding for study abroad. One of Rotary's scholarships is called the Ambassadorial Scholarship, which is the world’s largest privately funded scholarship program.

For more information, visit the Rotary scholarship page.

Scholarships for Study in Israel

There are several scholarship and financial aid opportunities for U.S. students who plan to study in Israel.

Visit DiversityAbroad for more information or visit MASA: Israel Journey.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

The UNCF Program Services Department administers various scholarship programs. Each program has its own eligibility criteria, open/close dates and required documentation. To apply for a UNCF scholarship, students must apply through the online application process.

For more information, visit the UNCF scholarship page.


ISA awards more than $600,000 in grants and scholarships to participating students each year. Eligibility criteria differ for each award—be sure to read each description carefully. Be sure to view each scholarship description for eligibility requirements, application materials, and required documents.

  • The Dr. Carlos E. Castaneda Memorial Scholarship
  • The Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship
  • ISA Diversity Scholarships