Undergraduate Research for the Common Good

URD 2021
Undergraduate Research Day

Showcase Your Hard Work

Stepping outside the familiar four walls of the classroom to present original ideas and research is an enriching element of the YHC student experience. At Young Harris College, undergraduate research is both encouraged and supported by peers and faculty.

Since 2013, the annual Undergraduate Research Day is held during the Spring semester. The event showcases research projects of YHC faculty and students from across the academic disciplines. The day includes both oral and poster presentations covering a wide range of topics.

Each year, dozens of faculty members sponsor or co-present sessions with students, who enjoy the opportunity to conduct independent research outside of a traditional classroom setting. YHC faculty members believe the work involved in these research projects exceeds what can be gained in a lecture or lab setting.

Through research and partnerships with peers and faculty, students improve upon skills for intellectual inquiry and problem solving, making YHC graduates more prepared for graduate or professional school, as well as competitive job markets.

Undergraduate Research Day 2021 Photos