Honors FAQ

How do I apply as a current YHC student?

The Program Director initiates recruitment into the YHC Honors Program in the spring of each year, primarily for second-semester freshmen. Self-nominations for admission will be solicited from the student body during recruitment. Transfer students and other non-freshman are also encouraged to apply during recruitment. Students wishing to enter the Honors Program should have a cumulative YHC GPA of 3.5 or better and should apply before they have completed 90 credit hours. Recruitment is limited to approximately 15 students each academic year.

Why should I join?

The Honors Program is a learning community that provides students with opportunities for deeper, broader, and more complex learning at YHC. As a member of the YHC Honors Program, you will have the opportunity to access scholarships, take classes reserved and designed exclusively for the program, and graduate with Honors Distinction in your major program of study. You will receive priority registration for courses and develop relationships with other students also looking to get the most out of their degree. The Honors Program Student Advisory Council is an opportunity for student leadership within the program to help organize social and learning events.